What is a Roof Lantern and How can it benefit your garden room?

Do you want more space in your home but don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving or the long process of applying for an Extension? Perhaps you want to make your garden more efficient and effective. Cabin Master has the answer. Modern Garden Rooms understands that not all gardens office pod are created garden rooms equal. We offer five beautiful, architecturally designed garden office structures that can be customized garden offices to your needs and garden gyms preferences.

What is a Garden Room?

Garden rooms are a unique way to add space to your home. Our garden rooms can be used as an office, a bedroom or a lounge.

Our wooden garden rooms can be built to your exact specifications using the finest materials that will last for many decades and require very little maintenance.

What are the Benefits of a Garden Room with a Roof Lantern?

You can use your garden space year-round, even if it is only used during the summer. This extra space is like having an additional room in your home. You can use it for any purpose, including arts and crafts, or a place for the kids to play.

A roof lantern can be added to your garden room, which will provide all these benefits and more. Roof lanterns let natural light flood your area through the ceiling. This not only reduces electricity costs but also has many medical benefits. These benefits include the ability to regulate your circadian rhythm and possibly reducing stress hormone cortisone.

Roof lanterns can also be a great addition to any garden room at night. Nothing is more relaxing than gazing up at the stars from your cozy, warm hideaway.

Roof lanterns made from aluminium are expertly constructed. They are strong and durable, but require little maintenance. This means you can have a beautiful garden space and roof light with no extra effort.

Cabin Master

Each of our timber garden rooms is unique and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We can design rooms in any size or shape that will fit your garden.

The roof lantern addition is a popular choice today, and our master craftsmen pay attention to every detail. No matter what style you choose, a garden space will allow you to enjoy it every day. You can visit our website to learn more about our garden rooms or contact us directly.