Tips from a Pro in “Music Photography”

How to Photograph Concerts?

This concert pope francis photography guide is a response to numerous ‘How to” guides that I’ve seen online, but they don’t cover how to capture great concert photos. Many articles are too focused on the obvious. For example, concerts are dark. You should avoid obstacles like mic stands. It is somewhat patronizing to suggest you are letting the photographer know the ‘professional secrets’ of music photography if the article is written by someone who is not a professional musician photographer.

Music photography is a hobby that most people get into because they love music and boys photography. You are halfway there to becoming a great musician photographer. However, it takes practice and time. In 1989, I began by capturing a photo pass for Ozzy Osbourne in the Hammersmith Odeon. That was my defining moment in life, the thrill of being so close to Ozzy in the photo pit that I could touch him — an experience that has led me to shoot hundreds of shows across the UK.


Fear of the Dark Music Photography

First, the darkness is no longer a problem. The dark gigs can be difficult, but modern cameras are capable of producing excellent results at high ISO. Shoot raw! JPEG won’t allow you to adjust highlights, color balances, levels, or noise. skating photography It was difficult to get decent ISO 1600 results with film cameras. Technically, it was even more challenging to push the film through processing to achieve good results. We did achieve great results, but it was crucial to know when the light was right to take a shot. This is still a valuable skill that can be learned.

Good Gear Music Photography

Music photography is not the same as other fields. Make sure you get the best equipment possible. Pro cameras are more durable and last longer than cheaper DSLRs.


Make money Music Photography

Many people claim that music photography is not profitable anymore. This is simply false. Social media has increased the demand for images by three times. Despite this, standards have fallen and more outlets are seeking free or cheap images. Your images must stand out.

An excellent live shot is worth its weight. An average image is worthless these days. Our images were used to be syndicated through picture agencies. Many people still do, but they have found that the return on their images is peanuts (or enough to buy peanuts). Does that mean music pictures have no value anymore? The simple answer to that question is no.

children model photography is a lucrative business. Your images must be professional and better than those of the next photographer. Be consistent, original, and most importantly reliable. If you fail to deliver on your promises, an art editor won’t give you any regular work. Not only great shots, but also delivering the shots on time and without any complaints.