Care for Your Outdoor Patio Furniture for Winter

Catch Up With Seasonal Activities and Care for Your Outdoor Patio Furniture for Winter


A few weeks ago we posted an article Winter is Coming! Time to Store your outdoor Wicker Furniture that provided excellent tips on what you can do to prepare your outdoor furniture for winter. This weeks article stresses the importance of taking care of your cushions and furniture in the hopes that If you haven’t yet taken proper care of them, you will now take appropriate steps.

Every furniture type is susceptible to aging and deterioration

Whatever type of cushions or patio furniture you have, it is essential to take care of your furniture throughout winter. Inclement weather conditions like cold temperatures, rain as well as dampness and more hours of sun can make it difficult to maintain the expected life span of your furniture and cause it to age slowly.

Aging of Outdoor Furniture

You can prevent the wear and tear of your furniture by taking proper care of it when not being used. Why speed up the inevitable process when just some attention will prolong the life and appearance of your furniture and help you save money. You can extend the life of your furniture by covering it or keeping it out of the direct sun. This will help maintain its appearance for longer.

Cushions for Mice and other rodents

No matter if you store your cushions indoors or outdoors it is important to remember that rodents, including mice, seek out places to build their home warm in winter months and cushions make an ideal place to live and raise young. They like to chew holes through the fabric coves and even live in the cushions. Be sure that this doesn’t occur to you. To deter rodents and mice from snatching your cushions, put mothballs around them. You don’t have to worry about the odor of mothballs absorbed by the cushions while in storage. Just leave them for a day or so in spring, and they will be completely aired out.

Fantastic Weather to get some Work Doing

We’re enjoying more pleasant conditions than normal in the Northeast and other parts of the United States. This allows us to enjoy outdoor activities that we wouldn’t normally be able to. Enjoy the wonderful weather and consider covering or storing your outdoor furniture when you are enjoying a warm and sunny weather.