Sunbrella Cushions for the patio and Four Seasons Room

Sunbrella Cushions for the patio and Four Seasons Room

Sunbrella cushions are made from Sunbrella fabric. It’s the name that you hear when you’re discussing high-quality cushions. Sunbrella fabrics are of the highest quality for any purpose. The reason the quality is there is because the Sunbrella fabric is modern synthetic fabric that has all the indoor and outdoor qualities you can possibly imagine or desire in the upholstery fabric.

About Glen Raven & Sunbrella

Glen Raven is the mother company of Sunbrella. Sunbrella introduced its acrylic fabric line into the market for awnings in the year 1961. Then, they brought it to the market for casual furniture during the 1980s. Since since then, it has grown to be one of the most sought-after fabrics to use in the production of cushions for furniture that are casual.

Sunbrella as The Standard

A majority of the manufacturers of casual furniture that offer cushions as part of their products have Sunbrella cushions and pillows in the original purchase. Since both manufacturers and customers have realized the advantages of buying high-quality cushions or pillows made of Sunbrella fabric has grown exponentially.

As a premium product, many cushion makers offer replacement cushions made from Sunbrella fabric. The reasons are numerous. Take a look at our article Top 10 Reasons To Buy Sunbrella Fabric Cushions to learn more about the reasons you should buy cushions made using Sunbrella Fabric.


Sunbrella fabrics are a wonderful assortment of vibrant solids, stripes and patterns. Geometric designs and other patterns are also available but not to the extent of patterns offered in indoor and all-weather fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are produced using colors that are added to the yarn before they are weaved. They are not printed on fabrics with dyes like cotton or spun polyester. In order to create a pattern it first has to be weaved into fabric. Therefore, fewer floral prints and patterns available simply because its easier and cheaper to create a printed fabric than it is to create one that requires you to weave the pattern.

Use Indoors or Outside

Sunbrella’s distinctive upholstery fabric yarn is designed to ensure that it can be used outdoors, but just as importantis the fact that the fabric is soft making it desirable to use for cushions indoors.

When you shop for indoor fabric cushions are looking for the same qualities Sunbrella is able to provide in their indoor fabric. It is a good thing that they can have more than just softness. Sunbrella is extremely wearable stain resistance, choice of colors.

So, not only can you make use of Sunbrella cushions out on your patio, you can use them inside your home. Sunbrella fabric cushions are employed by the most renowned manufacturers of furniture for casual use. It is also possible to replace your worn out sofa cushions with Sunbrella-made cushions.

Cleaning and care

Sunbrella fabric is a great option to make patio furniture. It is extremely durable and wear resistant and color retention making it one of the top options for your backyard or on your porch. It can be placed on your furniture, without having it covered and it will retain its fresh and new look for many years. However, it can get dirty and need to be cleaned. But, usually just some mild soap and water and a rinse until the job. Even more impressive, if something is causing a stain to Sunbrella fabric, it can be fixed by using the Sunbrella suggested cleaning procedure.