Turn Vacation Photos into Canvas Prints

The holidays are fast approaching now that summer is practically over! As we enter Autumn, we also approach the holiday season, which means it’s time to start getting ready for one the busiest times of the year. And as you start planning for the upcoming holiday season, you’re probably already deciding how to decorate or get in the festive mood and we’ve got a simple solution for you – a canvas print of your holiday photos! If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why you should print your holiday photos from years past as canvas prints:

  • Vacation Photos On Canvas Prints make great decorations

As you get ready to start decorating for the upcoming holiday season (Autumn, Halloween, Winter, Christmas, etc.), you might want to add unique decorations in the form of past holiday photos printed on canvas prints! It’s a great way to show off your family and friends in your home, while also being festive at the same time. They’ll add to your holiday decorations and make great additions in your home that you can either pack away and use for next year or leave up year round to remember the amazing times you had during past holidays!

  • They make amazing gifts

The holiday season is also the season of giving and you might already be thinking about what to buy people in your life. Why not skip the stores this season and get them something totally unique and personalized by printing out their favorite holiday photos on a canvas they can proudly display anywhere they’d like? It’s a gift that keeps giving since they won’t get anything like it and will love how special it is since it allows them to remember such amazing times. And you can easily make holiday photo canvases for everyone on your gift list!

  • Holiday Photos On Canvas Prints create memories that will last

Why keep all your memories from past holidays tucked away in a photo album no one will see or on your smartphone where they’ll probably end up erased later on when you can easily make them last! A canvas of your holiday photos will display those memories for however long you want them to, allowing you to share such special times with whoever else sees them.

Why getting your Summer Photos Printed on Canvas is the Best Thing You’ll Do

Summer time is the best time of the year, undoubtedly. All over the world, children are off from school and parents take holidays from work in order to go on an exciting new adventure. Outside of travelling, summer is the perfect season for festivities; pool parties, picnics, lunches, dinners, sleepovers, concerts and the like. These are times that you will look back on fondly later in life.

As such, it is important to commemorate the time as well as the occasion and what better way than through photos! Take as many as possible and different points in time so that you have ample to show for all of your adventures.

One of the best things you will ever do is getting these very photos printed on canvas. Not only will you have a selection of pictures to use as wall decorations but you will also be able to show off all that you had done throughout the course of the season. They are sure to add a rustic feel to your walls and give them some life through popping colors and textures.

What is canvas printing?

In order to truly appreciate personalised photo canvas prints, you have to know what they are. Canvas is an extremely durable fabric made from help or cotton –depending on you preferences. Once you have captured an image, an inkjet printer will print it onto the canvas which then will be stretched out on a frame. Once this process has been completed, the picture is ready to be hung directly onto your walls.

Why is it so special?

One of the best features about canvas printed pictures is that the color pallet is one of the brightest. You can count on all of your colors to have extra oomph and liven up your space immediately. As you play around with the color schemes in each and every room, you will notice the extra energy that you bring to the house.

Secondly, canvas printed photos are always anti-glare because of the fact that they are printed onto a fabric. As soon as the ink is absorbed, it loses all of its shiny qualities and adopts a matt finish. This ensures that no matter what part of the room you are in, you are not disrupted by reflecting light.

Thirdly, all of you canvas photos will also be permanent. You can hang them up anywhere, even in direct sunlight, without having to fear that they will naturally fade away. Thus, you can count on the bright colors to keep your house lively for an extended period of time.

There is no better way to truly relive your summer season than through getting your photos printed on canvas and displaying them all over the house. Every time you enter a room, you will be reminded of all the fun that you have had throughout the years.

Some common FAQs about canvas prints

  • Will it cost too much?

The cost of your canvas print will depend largely on the size of your print, the quality of the ink used and the type of canvas you desire to print your pictures on. They can cost as less as £6.99 for 6”x6” light frame canvas prints and as much as £55.99 for 40”x40” classic frame canvas prints as well.

  • Does it fade?

Whether your canvas print fades away depends largely on the type of ink that is used for printing your pictures. The better the ink the longer you will be able to extend the life of your canvas print. At CanvasDesign UK, we only ever uses highest quality forever lasting ink to give the best results. We also offer the facility to add a coating to your canvas which will further increase its lightfast characteristics.