Basic Water Pump Maintenance Tips

Water pump problems can often be discovered after they have gone unnoticed for some time. Routine maintenance is necessary for water pumps to function properly. This should be done just like you would routinely maintain other appliances. Water pumps that work well and efficiently will not only be more efficient but also use less fuel and have less downtime. Failure to maintain water pumps can cause them to fail unexpectedly and result in expensive repairs. These can be avoided by following simple, cost-effective and easy procedures.

Routine Inspections

Regular inspections of your water wells are necessary. You can conduct these inspections quarterly to detect potential problems before they escalate into serious ones. Routine inspections of your water well will help prevent costly pump repairs. The water pump must be placed on its base securely and the motor should work unassisted. Also, ensure that all seals are properly checked and repaired if needed.

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Professional Service

Regular inspections of your pumps are important, but so is scheduling professional servicing. To ensure that your pump works at its best, this service should be performed every year. Like all machines, water pumps can be damaged over time. This is why it is crucial to service them regularly to ensure they continue to work efficiently. A professional technician will check the water pressure in your tank, determine if you need to repair it, and then monitor the time and start of the pump cycle.

Water testing

A well water test will tell you if your pump works as it should. These tests can be done by you, but it is recommended that professionals do it at least once a year. It is important to test your water for nitrates and other contaminants. Water contaminated water can cause problems for the pump and reduce its efficiency. To prevent water contamination, you should keep fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides and other chemicals away from the well.

You will need the correct tools and equipment to perform basic maintenance and tests on your water pump. For professional maintenance services that will maintain your water pump in top condition, you should consult a company like

It is therefore recommended to adopt a monitoring maintenance and scheduling schedule. This should include at least:

If applicable, the gland packing must be adjusted to maintain concentric alignment with the follower and specified leakage so that the follower and packing do not overheat.

You should inspect seals and gaskets for leaks. You must ensure that the shaft seal is working properly.

Verify the bearing lubricant level and verify that it is not low.

Verify that the duty condition of the pump is within the permissible operating area.

To confirm that the bearings are operating properly, check vibration, noise level, and temperature.

Make sure dust and dirt are not left in areas near bearing housings or motors.

If necessary, check the alignment of couplings and realign them.

Notice: Auxiliary systems that are installed should also be included in the maintenance plan. This will ensure that they are maintained and monitored to ensure their proper functioning.

It is important to keep a maintenance and inspection log. Any problems should be reported immediately. Service and inspection may be more necessary for unusual applications, such as those that are unusually hot or humid.