Sink plum:How to install a kitchen

Although there are no obvious reasons to change the drain pipes underneath a Kitchen Sink Plumbing, it is not unusual to have the drain assembly replaced during a kitchen remodel. The installation of the sink drain depends on the type of sink and other components being installed. The new Sink Plumbing might have a different depth to the one that was installed before, and it may be necessary to modify the branch drain pipe fitting into the wall.

The Drain Outlet Height Sink Plum

You may need to adjust the drain fitting on the wall to accommodate the sink drain that is lower if you are replacing a standard sink with one with deep-basin. It is a good idea that you check the height of your old kitchen sink’s trap arm before buying a new one. The trap arm is the horizontal part between the U-shaped trap bend, or the P-trap, and the branch drain pipe. The trap arm connects to the branch drain’s  Sink plum sanitary tee fitting. It should slope towards the tee at 1/4 inch per foot for drainage.

Measure from the base of your cabinet or floor to the center point of the trap arm. A new sink may not be able to provide the required downward slope for trap arms if the height exceeds 16 inches.

If necessary, lower the sink plumbing

If the drain opening in your existing sink plumbing is too low to allow for the new Sink Plumbing, you will need to either helicopter ceiling fan open the wall or have a professional do it. This is a complicated job and requires you to remove the back of your cabinet from the wall.

Install the new sink before you move on to the next step. This example shows a double basin sink with a garbage disposal that is positioned in one basin.

Install the Garbage Disposal & Strainer

The garbage disposal should be installed on the desired side of your sink first. This will save you the most space. Place a basket strainer on the basin of the sink without the garbage disposal. You can also install any other components under the sink, such as a water filter and a hot water dispenser.

Install the Tailpiece or Continuous Waste Pipe

The drain tailpiece connects to the sink strainer, and runs down to the tee fitting (below Sink Plumbing basin with the disposer). The disposal’s drain is connected to the tee connector by a continuous waste pipe. For installation, the tailpiece and waste pipes must be cut to the required length.