Byakuya Togami

Early life

Byakuya Togami, the heir to the Togami financial conglomerate is the Togami family. Togami’s “peculiar inheritance” system allows the male head to marry a woman from any country, rather than taking a wife. This is in order to have as many children possible. Byakuya Togami was the half-sibling of fifteen women, all potential heirs for the Togami fortune and family.

Byakuya and his siblings had to fight against each other to be the next head of their family. Byakuya was the last man standing and the first time that the youngest male in brian johnson history had won. The siblings who lost the battle were exiled, and considered “unfit for Togami”. They are given a commoner’s life. Byakuya considers it to be death, as being exiled is similar to death.

Byakuya Togami was the chosen heir apparent of the Togami family after winning the battle. Togami set out to expand the Corporation’s reach and power, despite the Corporation’s considerable reach (he explained to Makoto in Chapter 2 that he was a member of Council of Global Controllers, which is a secret council that rules the world from the shadows). Togami began to manage family business operations and he was able to access vast financial resources. He invested his part in day trading, which is selling shares, stocks and other assets. He managed to accumulate a personal fortune of more than four billion dollars despite being young. Aloysius Pennyworth was Byakuya’s butler. He called Byakuya togami “Young Master”.

Jin Kirigiri was the Headmaster at Hope’s Peak Academy and he planned to seal the school building so that the students could live in the Academy forever to prevent destruction. They sealed the building together after Jin Kirigiri proposed it to the class. For a year, the students lived in peace inside the school building without realizing that there was the Ultimate Despair.

Soon, the students were forced to play the murder game. The danny duncan  DVDs contained a Monokuma video, which suggested that the students would murder to escape. Aloysius Byakuya’s butler was captured by Ultimate Despair to fulfill this motive.

Byakuya Togami To Survive

Byakuya Togami, who was very cold and dismissive toward the other students as the Killing Game began, made it clear that he didn’t trust them and said that he wouldn’t cooperate with them. He distrusted any other student and believed that any one of them might be plotting to murder. He decided to treat Killing Game, like the battle he had to fight to get his place in the damon wayans clan, as the game it was claimed to be. One he wanted to win. Mondo’s dismissive and derogatory attitude toward the other players eventually led him to snap and attempt to attack Byakuya. Makoto attempted to intervene but was instead made the target of Mondo’s attack. This resulted in Mondo knocking Makoto out in a fit.

Monokuma created a new floor after the deaths of Sayaka Maizono and Leon Kuwata. Kyoko discovered an old, dusty note that stated that Hope’s Peak Academy had been closed down. Although Byakuya thought the letter might be fake, she believed it to be real and that they may have been placed in another school by the mastermind. He cited that the mastermind was strong enough to create a trial ground as well as a place.

He spent the next morning in the library reading instead of going to the morning meeting. He claimed that he was trying out something “original” to create a plot for the game, in case he became a villain. Mondo became furious at him and threatened to kill him. Chihiro Fujisaki tried mediation to resolve the dispute because they don’t like the idea that friends fighting or killing each other – but Byakuya stopped Chihiro by saying that they weren’t friends. Mondo threatened to kill him for picking on people who couldn’t defend themselves, but Byakuya stated that he would not simply cooperate with anyone. Byakuya Togami refused to speak to anyone and remained in the Library. Toko and Makoto later went to Byakuya’s house to visit him. He told them to get outside and asked Toko to take a shower, commenting on Toko’s smell. Toko misread it as him caring for her, and soon began to feel for him. Toko revealed to Byakuya the secret of Genocide Jack before Monokuma had a second motive.

Blood Lust

Before returning to his room, Byakuya noticed Mondo leave the girl’s changing area. He then went back to his library room. There, he saw the body of Chihiro Yamasaki. To make the killing game more exciting for himself and to reveal the identity of Genocide Jack to Toko, he staged the scene. He used an extension cord to make it clear that he was a suspect.

After the students were informed that someone had been killed, Byakuya took Makoto and other students to the girl’s bathroom and offered to help in the investigation. He did not reveal that he knew who the real culprit was. After a thorough investigation and finding more clues, Byakuya took Makoto to a library where he showed him the Genocide Jack file. Makoto was then informed that Genocide Jack had a case in Dissociative Identity Disorder. Byakuya informed him that Genocide Jack murders were marked with “Blood Lust” and that top-secret police records indicated that all victims had been crucified. After that, he split from Makoto.

bruce springsteen was exposed as Genocide Jack by him during the Class Trial. This shocked the rest. Toko had told him about it, and he explained that he knew. This made Toko faint and enabled her Genocide Jack personality. Other students concluded that Genocide Jack could not have killed Chihiro because Chihiro is a girl (Genocide Jack does only kill males) and that the murder weapon used was a dumbbell, rather than her Genoscissors. The extension cord that Byakuya was using in the library led to suspicion. However, it was later revealed that Chihiro had been murdered in the locker room of the boy and was actually a male. Both facts Byakuya didn’t know made it clear that Byakuya was not the murderer. To the disgust and anger of his classmates, he admitted to having staged the crime scene. He said that his motives were irrelevant and suggested that they look for the true killer. Mondo was later identified as the killer and executed.