Common Reasons For Garage Door Malfunction

A garage door can be an integral component of home security and convenience, providing easy access to your garage while protecting cars and other belongings from harm. But when one doesn’t close or open properly it can become frustrating – here we discuss some common causes behind garage doors not opening or shutting properly as well as ways to address this problem.

Power Issues

When your garage door fails to close or open properly, your first step should be identifying where its source of electricity lies. Check that its opener is connected to an active power source and that its outlet receives this power; otherwise it could be due to a tripped fuse or breaker having blown and needs to be reset for normal functioning.

Sensor Issues

Sensor issues are another of the many causes why your garage door won’t open or close properly. Modern garage door openers feature sensors designed to stop it closing if an obstruction exists; in these instances if your sensors become dirty, misalign or malfunction your door might not close unless these issues have been rectified by cleaning, altering their alignment or replacement (in cases where these have been damaged they should also be addressed as soon as possible).

Broken Springs

Garage door springs are essential to their smooth operation as they balance weight and allow effortless opening and closing action. But when worn-out springs have been compromised or have broken completely, your garage door may refuse to close or open as intended – in this instance it is crucial that repairs for Calgary garage doors (or anywhere else) immediately be sought as well as professional servicing of them in Calgary and other regions as soon as possible. Repairing springs for garage doors requires expert attention in Calgary or wherever.

Broken Cables

Garage door cables help lift and lower the garage door. Over time, however, these cables can become damaged or worn out and make opening and closing impossible. If your garage door seems uneven when opening and closing it could be due to damaged cables; in which case contact garage door repair for help replacing them.

Malfunctioning Opener

If none of these issues create problems for your garage door, the issue could lie with its opener. Over time, garage door openers may become damaged or worn out and stop functioning altogether, leaving your door without functionality. If your current opener no longer functions, replacing it might be necessary or perhaps installing one in Calgary to increase performance may be beneficial as well.