Tips in Buying a Luxury Property in Singapore

Purchase of property in Singapore can be an excellent investment that offers secure returns; however, it is essential that prior to starting this process all parties involved keep several factors in mind:

The Continuum was built through an exciting collaboration with Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway and established in Singapore in 1983. Since that time, their property developer team has developed extensive expertise in various real estate fields. Over the last four years they have also actively acquired properties through government land sales as well as through an en bloc exercise.

Hoi Hup Realty have completed several developments prior to The Continuum Condo. They include Waterford Residence, The Continuum Showflat, Sophia Hills at Mount Sophia, Whitley Residences and Terra Hill at Pasir Panjang.

Why do people buy properties?

There are various reasons people purchase properties. Most often, this means buying to live in, as this gives your family and yourself access to it and provides tax advantages if later selling the house for profit. When purchasing with this intent in mind, however, one major benefit can be gained: saving mortgage payments while paying less overall in mortgage interest payments – especially when moving later down the line!

Some homeowners purchase homes specifically to rent them out as rentals in order to earn income instead of locking away money with mortgage payments, before selling their houses later on (if ever).

Buying properties in Singapore

Singapore property purchasing can be a complicated and time-consuming process that involves numerous organizations and individuals. The government regulates property markets in Singapore, placing restrictions on foreign buyers as well as local developers and investors who intend on purchasing real estate here.

If you are considering purchasing property in Singapore, it is essential that you understand how its housing market functions and how your participation can fit into this system. In this article we will go over some basic rules of investing in Singapore property so you know where best to put your funds and when they will be returned.

Who are the buyers of new launch condos?

There are various buyers that purchase new-launch condos. These individuals include:

  • Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs).
  • Foreign nationals with valid work permits
  • Unionized foreigners in Singapore

Where is the best place to buy land in Singapore?

Location is of utmost importance when purchasing property in Singapore. Consider these aspects before making your decision:

Land Area. Selling your home near convenient areas such as eateries and shops is easier, while being close to parks or beaches may also be of advantage. When making this decision, take careful note of the various areas within Singapore before selecting which area best meets your needs – an agent for real estate may offer valuable assistance with this process, advising which locations suit best.

Accessibility to public transportation, schools hospitals and services such as supermarkets is key when identifying an ideal homebuying location in Singapore, particularly if there are children in your household that require access to these essential amenities.

How much is a property likely to appreciate in Singapore?

Are You Wondering: “How Much Will My Property Appreciate in Singapore?” Property prices have appreciated rapidly over the last decade in Singapore, surpassing living costs and wages by far. This means purchasing homes has become more valuable than ever; for instance if you purchased one for $900,000.5, five years later its value may have increased up to 95% if held onto. Imagine what could happen if this investment remains held onto another year!

Can you buy properties as an investment, and how does one get started?

Investors need properties with strong potential for capital appreciation and growth, taking many aspects into consideration before investing a large sum. First you must determine if buying in Singapore is appropriate for you. If it is, it’s essential that you find a property which meets both your rental needs as well as having potential value appreciation over time.


Property investing requires work for those unfamiliar with it, but can be made simpler with proper guidance, advice, and expertise from reliable sources.