Comparison of Shark NV800 vs. Shark NV803: Review & Analysis

Vacuum industry has many outstanding brands. Shark is one such great brand. The two models are so efficient, Shark NV800 vs. NV803 is a fair comparison.

Both models include the rotator head technology. It’s close!

This thin line of gray is crucial for maximising the capabilities of both models and matching them perfectly to different usability contexts.

We recommend purchasing the NV800 and NV803 together, but it is not practical. It would be a waste to buy two vacuums.

This article is dedicated solely to this goal: To help you find the best one without regretting the one you already have.

Comparison of Shark NV800 vs NV803: Which one is better?

You’ve got a question. The answer is not in the product.

Even the best vacuum products may not be appropriate for your specific situation.

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Context is then what?

The context refers to your unique situation. It defines your needs and wants. It is what makes you want to use a specific vacuum design.

  • It should be yours.
  • We can provide a 2022 buying guide that is more comprehensive if you’re still not sure.
  • These are some of the best:
  • DuoClean Technology

DuoClean technology combines two brushes into one head. One bristle is finer and more flexible than the other, while the bristles on one have a rougher texture. Both can be used for cleaning the carpet.

You can easily move them by using your finger control. This technology allows concentrated carpet and upholstery cleaning without the need for moving from one tool to the next.

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Self-Cleaning Nozzle

This feature is not offered on all vacuums. This feature is available only for the Shark NV series. The nozzle looks similar to a yellow nozzle and is attached at the end. The nozzle protects hair, fur and feathers. The nozzle protects the roll from being snagged.

This is particularly useful for pet owners who find cleaning up after pets exhausting. You can attach the nozzle to the vacuum device by keeping a thin wrap around it.

Powered Lift-Away Technology

While some vacuums are wheelable, most Shark vacuums can still be lifted as extra-light containers. This makes the vacuum a liftaway container. It can be moved around easily, transported, and placed where you need it.

What’s the difference between a liftaway or a powered liftaway, and how can you tell?

The vacuum’s liftaway technology makes it possible to remove the hose, making it easier for high-traffic areas.

The powered lift-away on one side just amplifies cleaning power and does not require any accessories or hoses.

These characteristics will help you select the Shark vacuum that suits you best. They define and create unique usage contexts that are specific to each user.

Now, we have reviewed the more comprehensive buying guides.

Shark NV800 vs. Shark. NV803 — The Ultimate Round

Finally! This is the final battle. This article will help you to select the Shark vacuum model best suited for your needs.

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We are here!

  • Shark Rotator Lift-Away Vacuum With DuoClean N800
  • The Shark NV800 vacuum has many customizable features.
  • Shark Rotator Powered Liftaway is DuoClean’s third cleaning operation. It’s a refreshing facelift.

Imagine vacuuming without tiring your arms. This is the third DuoClean operation. The Upright mode. This particular advantage from the Shark vacuum NV800 model shouldn’t have been possible years ago.

This technology has been fully developed and is used to create the vacuum products we see today.

This is only the beginning. You won’t believe what you will hear about the advanced steering wheels. This is a new feature that vacuum cleaners have never seen before. Because vacuum rollers are usually stiff, this is why.

But alas! The swivel steering can be moved along any curves, edges or corners you desire. This mode will produce the smoothest cleaning action.

Is it possible to combine all these accessories into one continuous cleaning experience?

It is 99.9% certain.

The crevice tool and upholstery tool are also available. These accessories can be used for fixing hair details as small and as simple as one hair. No matter your pet’s age, all accessories are great.

Shark NV800 vacuums also feature anti-allergen seal technology, 2 brush rollers, and a 2-speed motor. You can also power-lift it away.

For such a technological advance as the Shark NV800, it’s not too expensive. Ask satisfied customers.

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  • Additional features
  • Enhanced DuoClean (with an additional Upright mode).
  • Cleaning and vacuuming are more stable
  • Durable finish
  • Strong suction capacity
  • Anti-allergen seal
  • Ideal for cleaning above and beyond the waterline


  • It’s easy to overheat
  • It is important that you take time to cool off
  • Troubleshooting takes time