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Winnelson Plumbing Tape is an easy way to quickly join gas and water pipe fittings. This tape is used by DIY plumbers to attach different plumbing parts. This guide will show you how to use it.

What is it and how can you use it?

Plumber’s tape is a smooth, stretchable polytetrafluoroethylene tape that seals pipe fittings that don’t already have a built-in rubber seal. When working with threaded and rigid polymer pipes, homeowners can easily connect and disconnect plumbing components. This tape works well with fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, tub spouts, and threaded tub spouts. This material is usually somewhat lubricated so it is easy to separate the elements later.

There are also varieties that can be used on gas pipe connections, in addition to the ones that are used for general Winnelson Plumbing. They are usually yellow in color and have high heat tolerance and PSI.

Winnelson Plumbing Parts

How do you wrap it properly?

Use a clean rag to wipe the male threads of your pipe. Place the tape end on the second thread at the edge. Keep the tape in place, and lay it flat on the threads.

To avoid the tape from coming loose, wrap it in the opposite direction to the pipe’s turn into the fitting. Continue working your way upwards from the pipe’s end, allowing the tape overlap to surround the circumference at least three to four more times. Take the tape off the roll and smoothen the ends.

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