Most people don’t realize the importance of a beautifully designed bathroom when renovating their home. This is an excellent opportunity to create a space that expresses your personality and provides the comfort you require. We are a leading Toronto bathroom remodeling contractor. This guide will help you to consider and complete the necessary aspects of a remodelling job.


  1. Bathroom Planner
    Talking to your family is the first step to remodeling your bathroom. Discuss the most important factors, such as the layout and fixtures. Next, determine your budget. Remember to add a little more so that you can pay for any unexpected changes during renovations.
  2. Bathroom Floor Plans
    Once you have a clear idea of the work required, plan the layout of your bathroom. The standard bathroom will have a sink, toilet, and tub, along with a cabinet to store medicines and toiletries. You can add other features to suit your needs such as a separate shower or sink. Whatever additions you make, it is important to keep the plumbing fixtures in close proximity to the existing plumbing. This will simplify things and save money.
  3. Lighting is essential
    Make sure you choose the right lighting features when designing your bathroom. You could have fixtures in the bathroom, such as around the mirror or vanity. You can also consider waterproof lighting and pendant lighting to complement the design of your room.
  4. Choose the right type of storage
    A clutter-free bathroom can be achieved by using shelves, drawers and cabinets that are adapted to your space. You can create a system with shelves and drawers, as well as baskets and a towel rail, if you have limited space. Be sure to optimize the space to meet your needs.
  5. Add Some Color
    Choose neutral colors when choosing bathroom colours. You can add a splash of colour to your bathroom with accessories such as towels and baskets in bright colors. To add some green to your space, you could have small potted plants.
  6. Pick Durable Flooring
    Bathroom contractors agree that flooring is an important aspect of bathroom renovations. Popular choices include stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles that are both water-resistant and attractive to the eye. Baseboard tiles are also popular because they add an elegant finishing touch and are durable.